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Posted By: GUEST
19-Jul-14 - 07:43 PM
Thread Name: Ukulele Lessons
Subject: RE: Guitaleles and guileles

When I first heard about the Yamaha guitalele, I did a little online research and the reviews I saw weren't very glowing; it sounds like they've made some improvements since then and dropped the price as well. For only $100, it's well worth a shot.

They say it's a baritone size, but that's a bit misleading: the string length and body size are consistent with a tenor uke, and the top four strings are tuned exactly as on low-G tenors, not as on baritones (which are usually tuned like the top four strings of a guitar). It's only the longer headstock that makes them approach baritone overall length, and consequently you might need a baritone gig bag or case. But the Cordoba guilele, which is the same size, is advertised as like the tenor uke, and is commonly paired with a Cordoba tenor ukulele gig bag--that's probably a safe bet for the Yamaha as well.

Yamahas are significantly cheaper that the Cordobas, but that's because they have laminate rather than solid spruce tops and meranti (shorea) rather than mahogany back and sides. I suspect the Cordobas have better construction. The Yamaha nut width and string spacing is slightly wider--that's a significant point to me; one reason I like Kala ukes is because many of their tenor models feature wider nuts.

Cordoba offers an electric cutaway model (the CE). Gretsch also sells a guitar-ukulele, the G9126, in both acoustic and electric cutaway models.

Thanks for mentioning the guitalele, Don.