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Posted By: Don Firth
04-Aug-14 - 09:09 PM
Thread Name: What are Wobble Boards made of?
Subject: RE: What are Wobble Boards made of?
Legend has it that a playwright needed sound effects for a play that was about to go into production.

In one scene a storm is in progress, and he wanted the sound effect for thunder. So he got a big sheet of metal, and when the script called for a rumble of thunder, two stage hands backstage would "wobble" the metal sheet. Worked like a charm!

Then the producers decided to cancel the play.

Some time later, the playwright attended another play put on by the same producers who had cancelled his play. And lo! There was a storm scene complete with the rumbling of thunder. Yup! Two stage hands backstage wobbling the metal sheet.

The miffed playwright was heard to say, "They didn't like my play. But they stole my thunder!!"

Supposedly the origin of the expression.

Wibble wibble!

Don Firth