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Posted By: Bob Bolton
30-Aug-98 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: Half way to St. Patrick's Day party
Subject: RE: Half way to St. Patrick's Day party
G'day Alison,

Thanks for the thread on Kathleen. I had heard a fair number of the various stories over the years but it is interesting to see them threaded together. It also helps to see the correct spelling of Thomas P. Westendorf's name. I was running on 'memory' ... and my memory was apparently running on 'low'.

Of course, the point I was making was that the person who buttonholed me (why me ...?) at the Glebe Bush Dance was claiming the song for POLAND! Presumably this was on the grounds of a precise geographical location of Westendorf's birthplace and a specific historical period ... and I reckon that is dangerous, verging on dubious - like a lot of folk (in the technical, not musical sense)-etomology and derivation..


Bob Bolton