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Posted By: John P
29-Dec-00 - 07:44 AM
Thread Name: Bouzouki - What brand is best?
Subject: RE: Help: Bouzouki - What brand is best?
My favorite instruments are made by Stephan Sobell, Steve Smith, and Fletcher Brock. These are high-end ($2500+) professional instruments. Mid-priced instruments I have seen that I like were made by Peterson, Laurence Nyberg, Graham McDonald. For low end instruments, Trinity College usually makes decent one, although I have seen some dogs. Be very leery of anything that costs less than $600 new.

The company I work for operates an acoustic music store that stocks several bouzoukis. Ron, the store manager, is a true bouzouki lover, knows a lot about the various makers and instruments, and loves to talk about them. The store is called Dusty Strings. Ron will answer your email, or call you if you give him your phone number.

The cittern email list is a great source of opinions and information. They are also a great bunch of people.