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Posted By: bobad
12-Aug-14 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
Subject: RE: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
A collection of all the Tweets that Kenneth Roth, the rabidly anti-Israel head of Human Rights Watch, who said he isn't certain why young men seem to be "over-represented" among the dead in Gaza: it's "unclear if Hamas won't acknowledge fighters or Israel targets young men."

Several on Twitter stepped up to help clear up the confusion.

    @AviMayer @hrw @KenRoth Couldn't be bc.the young men are the Hamas fighters, right?? Oh wait, all Gazans are innocent civilians - I forgot
    Lana (@Filala) August 09, 2014

    Give us an educated guess Ken. @KenRoth—
    Gil Lavi (@GilLavi) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth Yes, Israel targets young men with guns and rocket launchers.—
    Ofer Lando (@Ofernicus) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth wow. Record breaking pathetic tweet—
    Gil Eyal (@gileyal) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth bc u know those incidious Jews have special weapons that only target males #dumbass—
    Independent Patriot (@LibertysSpirit) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth so just to clarify, it is your suspicion that during combat, Israeli soldiers want to kill innocent bystanders, but only male?—
    Gil Eyal (@gileyal) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth That's massively unintelligent, even for you.—
    Oren Kessler (@OrenKessler) August 09, 2014

    @MiraWard375 @OrenKessler @dorothyofisrael @BenWeinthal @KenRoth It is pretty obvious they target young men with weapons.—
    NeoCon_Lbrtarian (@RachaelMadCow) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth @OrenKessler "or Israel targets young men" — using their famous age-distinguishing smart bombs, no doubt—
    Gary Weiss (@gary_weiss) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth lol. you're a parody of your already parodic self. impressive. and in public no less.—
    Richard Landes (@richard_landes) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth obvious to anyone with an understanding of the way terror cells work. Vast proportion = Hamas fighters. They got their wish. Death—
      (@Laurence0802) August 09, 2014

    .@KenRoth It certainly targets young men. Those who are members of Hamas or other militant factions.—
      (@neontaster) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth Oh, I get it. You're upset they're not targeting old men and women who are Hamas fighters. Makes sense.—
    Gary Weiss (@gary_weiss) August 09, 2014

    @KenRoth Of course! That's why Israel requested the latest in young men seeking missiles! #twat—
    John Pendlebury (@John_Pendlebury) August 09, 2014

    Of course that age group is highly representative of casualtiesThat is the age of the males that ARE Hamas fighters @AviMayer @hrw @KenRoth—
    IHazClawzSee? (@meankitteh1) August 09, 2014

    .@HRW's @KenRoth thinks Israel might be "target[ing] young men." Probably something about Axe body spray. "Unclear."…—
    Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) August 09, 2014

    @AviMayer @hrw @KenRoth Gosh do confusing. "Young men" in civilian clothes, with rocket burns on their hands. Must be civilians. Must be.—
    J A Hiker (@JHiker711) August 09, 2014

    The absolute, proven certainty that Hamas lies vs. a laughable smear alleging Israel "targets young men." @KenRoth:…—
    Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) August 09, 2014

    Reminder, @KenRoth: Hamas first said 49 of its men were killed in Cast Lead, later admitting the number was 600-700 –—
    Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) August 09, 2014

    Another reminder, @KenRoth: Ridiculous statements like this (…) only strengthen the perception that @HRW is a joke.—
    Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) August 09, 2014

    It's worse than a joke. Under @KenRoth, @hrw is the useful idiot, accepting terrorists' lies & undermining enlightened democracies @AviMayer—
    Jon Levin (@JNLevin) August 09, 2014