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Posted By: Steve Shaw
12-Aug-14 - 06:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
Subject: RE: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
"Because he applies a different standard to Israel than he does to the rest of the world."

THAT is in the EU definition of anti-semitism.

Oh, I forgot- YOU don't like to deal with facts...

Well I like to deal in facts. So would you please give me the source of that definition. And, as I'm wary of "facts" taken out of context, please give me the whole context, not some unattributed quote. I probably shouldn't be holding my breath (would you be voting for us to stay in the EU, by the way?)

I might add that, in my opinion, holding Israel to higher standards would be rather a good idea. After all, we give them rollicking good trade deals and we pay for their military, without question. That's quite a good setup for Israel. Perhaps, unlike what we do now, we should be bit more attentive to what responsibility they exercise in return. But we aren't. We just let them get on with it, no questions asked, don't we?