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Posted By: MGM·Lion
13-Aug-14 - 12:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
Subject: RE: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
Don't bracket me entirely with Keith, please, Steve. My approval of Israel is at present pretty well zero. Their unnecessary W Bank expansionist policies &c have been a great disappointment to me -- indeed, to all of us who worked for the foundation of the state all those years ago; hence also all those other disappointed Jewish luminaries [Einstein, Chomsky et al] always being cited. I didn't strive all those years to establish an aggressive entity which would unnecessarily destroy the livelihoods of an innocent hardworking community to establish settlements that could easily, but for doctrinaire determination, have been established elsewhere (plenty of the Negev left to colonise still). I have said all this here countless times before. So less of your K&M Show, please.

OTOH it is still one of the few outposts of civilisation in that blighted benighted crucifying-stoning-beheading-caning area; & clearly retains the full right of any nation to defend itself against attack.

Re the EU laws ref'd above which you sought the source for, wiki European Monitoring Centre On Racism & Xenophobia & follow links.