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Posted By: Mysha
13-Aug-14 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Galway Shawl - author

That would be:

The Red Plaid Shawl

One summer's morning, I took a ramble,
Down by a bramble I took my way,
I met a damsel, she looked so charming,
I list to what she had to say:
Oh! she wore no jewel or costly diamonds
She had no finery - none at all,
She wore no chignon, but sung a sweet song,
This lovely colleen with a red plaid shawl.

I stepped up to her, she smiled so sweetly,
She winked at me - she looked so shy,
Will there be any harm in, I said so charming,
My sweet colleen one kiss to try.
She cocked her eye, she look'd so sheepish,
I scare knew myself - no not at all,
She asked me to tread her - this fair young creature,
May they all look sideways on her red plaid shawl.

She stole my heart this artful colleen,
I kept on speaking - I could not stop,
At last she said what is your calling,
I'm a clerk, I said, in a marine store shop.
I treated her and spent my money,
She gave me a clump which made me fall
I fell in the gutter and there did sputter,
Bad cess to the damsel with the red plaid shawl.

Next morning early when day was dawning,
I found my coat, chain and watch was gone,
My had was aching, my limbs was shaking,
You may guess, my boys, I felt forlorn,
The kids were bawling - some were squalling,
Jim twig the cove up against the wall,
While they were shouting I kept on spouting,
May the devil wife the damwel with the red plaid shawl.

Other versions seem to exist under titles "The Old Plaid Shawl", "The Ould Plaid Shawl", and "The Auld Plaid Shawl", apparently. But that title is also used for a different song.