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Posted By: Jim Carroll
15-Aug-14 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
Subject: RE: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
Brucie the Beligerant
"Yes, you are'.
Those are the only figures available at present and those are the ones UNICEF reported.
The only thing we are getting from you and your Israeli propaganda machine if that the Children aren't really children - that's how squalid it gets.
Repeating UNICEF figure (gathered from all sources, including those of their own observers), is in no way supporting Hamas, which is what you are attempting to do as you did before with your "conference with terrorists" bullshit, and you ******* well know it.
In the end, the final dead count will be made using all information available - the reliability of Israel's figures can be judged by the fact that they've just sacked their own Human Rights group, Bar Tselem sor not coming up with suitable information.
"HOW MANY were killed by anti-personnel warheads on Hamas rockets?"
Do you have any evidence this is the case - spo far I have only read that the Israelis are only claiming that the rockets (20 deaths in twelve years) are all Isreali
You appear to be acting as an unpaid propagandist for the Israeli regime before they have made such claims themselves - not that their word could carry much weight if they did, given their track record.
A bit of advice.
Your opinions might be just thal little bit more credible if they were delivered in a reasonable way, without the unpleasantly blustering, arrogance that they invariably come wrapped in - always a sig of insecurity.
And wile I'm in the advising mood:
"Jimmy boy,"
I'm rather fond of the name "Jimmy" (Ewan's mother used to call me "Jimmy Boy" all the time) so it doesn't particularly faze me, but I really wouldn't like people to think we're friends, so stop trying to ingratiate yourself with me - that doesn't work either - I still think you are a cretinous little gobshite.
Perhaps if you tried a little imagination - I'd be happy to suggest an alternative - don't suppose you'll take me up on that!!.
I offered to help Terry the Terminator in the same way, but he turned me down and stuck with a name I that takes be back to the time I was in infants school - which I suggested in the first place.
Kids - who'd have 'em?   
"How do you explain that discrepancy?"
What discrepancy - are you suggesting that these children are all Hamas terrorists, armed with lethal water-pistols, no doubt - wouldn't put it past you?
It seems to be the level you think - you really are an unsavoury little slug
"We all feel that and it should go without saying."
Yeah - just like the victims of that scourge of the extremists, "President Assad" in Homs - time to recommend the riot control equipment and sniper rifles, docha think?
Jim Carroll
A further example of Israel's reliability - along with that of her buddies in Washington
The UN investigation into alleged violation of international law may lead to charges
The UN Human Rights Council has announced the appointment of the members of the Commission of Inquiry to investigate purported viola¬tions of international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, particularly in the Gaza strip.
Ireland abstained from voting on the resolution setting up the commission. This was regrettable as the operative paragraphs made clear that its mandate is fair and impartial.
The resolution condemned all violence against civilians wherever it occurs, including as a result of rocket fire and established an independent commission to conduct the investigation.
The commission's mandate is ambitious and many findings are certain to be controversial. Navigating the political sensitivities of the Israeli-Pales¬tinian conflict is not part of its remit but already there are efforts to discredit members of the commission. The most important function is to establish the facts and circum¬stances of violations and crimes perpetrated and to identify those responsible. It is not a court of law but the mandate does not just enable but requires that all parties, Israeli and Palestinian, are subject to investigation.
Command and control
In seeking to identify those responsible, the commission will be interested in individu¬als who exercised command and control functions during the conflict.
While the majority of these will be military personnel from the Israeli Defence Forces and the military wing of Hamas, it may also include civilians. These may include the political leaders on both sides.
A practical challenge to the inquiry will be finding evi¬dence that links senior mem¬bers of the Israeli administra¬tion and the Hamas organisa¬tion with specific crimes or actions deemed to be dispro¬portionate or indiscriminate. A,nr>frhf>r imnnrtant function of
accountability measures.
This is part of a broader strategy to end impunity.
Palestinian and internation¬al human rights organisations have for some time advocated for the use of international law mechanisms to examine the situation in Palestine, especial¬ly in relation to the Israeli settlements, exploitation of natural resources and ongoing violations of human rights.
The US has opposed such a strategy and any Palestinian recourse to the International Criminal Court and has threatened to withdraw funding to the Palestinian Authority should it proceed.
Impartial inquiry
The Human Rights Council has already established commissions of inquiry in respect of Syria, Sri Lanka and Korea.
None of these are receiving the co-operation of the relevant government and it is most unlikely this inquiry will be well received in Israel. But it is still possible to conduct an effective and impartial inquiry according to international standards.
Reputable international, Palestinian and Israeli human rights organisations have been investigating and document¬ing violations in Palestine for manyyears.
There is the testimony of victims, relatives, UN and other international staff, media and those who partici¬pated. There is also the sheer scale of the physical and forensic evidence. In this ' regard the commission will be assisted by a team of experts.
Since the recognition of Palestine as a non-member observer state at the UN in 2012, Palestinian president Abbas has come under in¬creased pressure to make the necessary declaration recognis¬ing the jurisdiction of the court and accept the consequences. The evidence gathered by the UN commission of inquiry could play a significant part in this process.
If, as is most likely, the commission finds that war. crimes have been committed and names individuals impli¬cated, it will be impossible for the prosecutor at the Interna¬tional Criminal Court to ignore such evidence.
This may precipitate a formal investigation and possible indictment by the court.
Although such a process will take years, it would be the most significant step in ending the impunity that has charac¬terised the now regular outbreaks of hostilities in the region and the Israeli occupa¬tion of Palestinian territory since 1967.
Prof Ray Murphy of the Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway, was a visiting scholar with Al-Haq, a Palestinian