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Posted By: Jim Carroll
17-Aug-14 - 08:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
Subject: RE: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
"No hospital has reported any flechette injuries, or from dimes or phosphorus."
Are we now back to claiming that flechettes were not used?
Are you out of your mind?
There have been no attempts to assess the damage or the injuries incurred over the last four weeks, let alone report on them.
Flechettes have been used before by the Israelis, they are a standard part of their armoury ,AND THEY ARE YET TO DENY THAT THEY HAVE USED THEM - YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO DENY THEIR USE PURELY OFF YOUR OWN BAT - THIS IS THE EXTENT OF YOUR PRO-ISRAELI SYCOPHANCY you are a fanatical head-banger.
"Your "evidence" was hardly convincing."
My evidence is as above - Israel uses flechettes and has never denied having used them, now or in the past .
Both DIME and phosphorus usage has also been reported by Medicins Sans Frontiers, who have shown a video showing their effects on its victims.
"It is a lie that I "have defended the use of flechettes."
You really are round the twist - what the fuck are you doing here? Israel has accepted their use by their refusal to either deny or respond to claims that they have, the report of their use includes photographs of the missiles, Israel is, at the present time, the only military group to have access to them, nobody else has questioned their use, in the past or now - you are denying it on their behalf.
Round the twist - take your pills!
Jim Carroll