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Posted By: PHJim
19-Aug-14 - 07:11 PM
Thread Name: Are ukuleles a real instrument?
Subject: RE: Are ukuleles a real instrument?
DesiC, I have played some neat old instruments that are not expensive, but can make great music, but I have also had students come to take lessons on an instrument that would discourage anyone from playing. It's not the price of an instrument, but the quality and the set up, that makes it playable. I have tried playing brand new ukuleles that had such bad intonation that setting them up to be playable would cost as much as buying a good uke in the first place. I hate to see someone turned off playing because of a crummy instrument.
I have a few student grade guitars and banjos that I love and have even done some recording with an old budget Stella when there were Gibsons and Martins available to me. One of my favourite open back banjos cost me $10 (and another $100 or so to set it up).
It's not the price as much as the playability of an instrument that validates it as an instrument. I probably worded it as I did because quite often (certainly not always) the ones that are hard to play are also cheaper.