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Posted By: MGM·Lion
22-Aug-14 - 01:11 PM
Thread Name: 'Best song ever ...'? (2014 thread)
Subject: RE: 'Best song ever ...'?
topsie -- I would rather hear the composer, Ewan MacColl sing "First Time Ever"; tho Roberta Flack certainly does do it beautifully.

But I still think that La Donn'E Mobile & Voi Che Sapete & Non Piu Andrai have better claims. But then, Verdi & Mozart are my ideals as operatic composers. A Wagnerian would presumably think differently.

But if we are in the popular field, the older 20s-40s Berlins, Porters, Kerns et al are the guys for me... And what about dear old Lennon&MacCartney then? Can't help feeling this is a bit of a pissing·down·the·wind thread...

"Best song ever..."? Tell you what -- I'm going to write it; think I have a window about next Thursday to get it done & dusted. Shouldn't take more than about ¾-hr...