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Posted By: Brian May
29-Aug-14 - 07:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rotherham 2014
Subject: RE: BS: Rotherham 2014
Yep, well Akenaton and a few of us have been warning of this kind of abuse and that being perpetrated by Muslim extremists and criminal gangs in UK for several years.

We pointed out that the 'bleeding-heart, liberal, must-always-give-them-the-benefit-of the-doubt' proponents were in fact shoring up the kind of abuse and utter contempt for British law that happened in Rotherham.

The ability to report correctly was not present as police and officials were more concerned about not being labelled racists by the PC brigade who have fostered this behaviour by interfering with the ability to report honestly and clearly.

I'm not suggesting for one moment the police and social workers are blameless, but when your society is run by the PC brigade, there are few options. I've been accused of much the same for having the temerity to point out the truth.

Finally, governments are waking up to the risk of this kind of extremism and totally unacceptable behaviour. Sadly, it'll get worse before it gets better.

Is what THEY do honouring to 'the Prophet'? I think not.