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Posted By: GUEST,Rahere
29-Aug-14 - 07:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rotherham 2014
Subject: RE: BS: Rotherham 2014
The problem is that posters in the UK - and the problem is one where UK posters have the data - are bound by a Law which puts quite strong constraints not only on the poster but also on the Cat. However much BS should be freefire, there are times when it must tread carefully, and the Mods obviously felt this was one of them - SRS was already upfront about some of what gives, and got abused for her pains.
Now, what I cannot judge is the extent to which the outage might have been deliberate as a warning that Max and the Mods have the power to pull the plug if you get too far out of line. I think it may not have been quite the "accident" it seems, the status of various DNS servers shows the server was actually powered down deliberately, which suggests it was a practical warning to back up the written ones posted on the debate threads that unless you can persuade Max to sell you the Cat - and for you to take true responsibility for it - then on occasion your right to shoot your mouths off may be limited.
You have the right to be as racist as you like in your thinking, but not to publish it, under a range of Laws against hatred. Other areas can be as constrained, and as was said at the time of the stroppier and ill-tempered arguments a couple of months back, it is time for you to grow up. You are bound by Law, even on the BS, and if you put the Cat at risk by what you post, you must expect the Mods to be firm in their acts.
Or do you want to kill the Cat?