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Posted By: GUEST,Fred McCormick
02-Sep-14 - 06:16 AM
Thread Name: Song Req: 'There was China Man...'
Subject: RE: Song Req: 'There was China Man...'
Bloody hell, is this load of nonsense still running?

There's a guy goes to our weekly singaround who insists on singing the Chinee Bumboatman with no regard for the fact that the rest of us find it racist and offensive; There's a jazz session I go to regularly, where a member of the band insists on singing a song in what he thinks is hammed up Japanese; To listen to the noises that's coming from certain corners of the press and the political establishment, you'd think the entire British Pakistani community ate under age girls for breakfast (Yes, I know that paedophilia is an appalling crime, but for Christ's sake let's confine the demonisation to real paedophiles, and then on the basis of what they've done, not to which ethnic group they belong); And now this awful racist gibberish rears its ugly head again.

Enough already. People are people and they deserve to be treated as such, not skitted at and laughed at because they talk differently to the way we do, or because they look different to us or because they are the products of a different culture to ours.