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Posted By: GUEST,Bonnie
07-Sep-14 - 02:41 AM
Thread Name: Have you told your kids about the 60s?
Subject: Have you told your kids about the 60s?
I was curious how many people have tried to tell their grown children or grandchildren who are in their late teens & in the 20's about the life and music of the 1960's and how it effected your life?

Maybe you hung out in coffeehouses or depending where you lived about the hippies and flower children and how the world was in your life in the 60's. Maybe you went to love-ins in the parks or demonstrations or just hung out in the many coffeehouses around at that time.

Did your kids have much interest in hearing all about the 60's and the things you did as a teenager in those years? Or did they seem bored hearing you talk about it and not seem interested in hearing about it at all? Did they ask you questions about those years?

I'm not referring to history taught in schools about the 60's like the Vietnam War or the assignation's that happened then but more about the hippies/flower children, coffeehouses, etc. that you yourself hung out in during the 60's. Did your kids show much interest about the life styles of the 60's?