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Posted By: Newport Boy
07-Sep-14 - 04:00 AM
Thread Name: Have you told your kids about the 60s?
Subject: RE: Have you told your kids about the 60s?
To some extent, the 60s (at least as the media see the period) passed us by. We were raising 2 children and our time was spent in political meetings, on peace demonstrations, camping, singing folk & protest songs. The kids grew up with all this and do the same sorts of things, including singing the same songs.

For us, pop music sort of ceased in the early 70's. Classical, trad jazz, blues and folk were, and are, our main interests. As far as hippies and flower children are concerned, we read about them in the papers. In the 70's I did have a party outfit consisting of flowery shirt, flares, cowboy boots and a green velvet jacket. With very long hair and a healthy beard, I suppose there was some influence.

Our grandson at present thinks music started with rap, although he's been exposed to all the same music. He's just beginning a degree in music production, so I hope his taste will broaden.