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Posted By: Seth
30-Dec-00 - 08:23 PM
Thread Name: Freewheeling Bob Dylan, Rare Edition
Subject: RE: Freewheeling Bob Dylan, Rare Edition
I agree. For once, the record people were right. I like the four that were removed, but the ones that they put in are melded to my memory so closely, and are individualy so unforgetable, so distinctive, so emblematic of Dylan and the times, but also so good today, that the album would have been just another good record without them.I'm sure that Dylan stole from Woody Guthre and Jack Kerouac to put these songs together and this is when everyone began to steal from him. I have used these four songs with some of my advanced Chinese high school students, and they just love them, particularly "Bob Dylan's Dream" I find it amazing that "Masters of War" came before the Viet Nam conflict, but still expresses my feelings about the McNamaras and Kissingers of this world so well. Still, I'd sure like to find that rare one in the thrift store sometime. I did find a nice "Mono" copy once, which has a slighty different cover, but the same songs. I personally think that the "mono" sounds better. Seth from China