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Posted By: Jason Xion Wang
11-Sep-14 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: from Tom Paxton Saturday Night album
Subject: Chords Add: King of the Cat Cafe (Tom Paxton)
I think we'd better repost the chords using the "pre" function.

King of the Cat Cafe

A                D       A
Everyone wants to sit with Huey
            E    A
King of the Cat Cafe
                D       A
Just to be recognized by Huey
    B7                  E
Is enough to make one's day
D                      A
He never moves from his corner table
D                   A
Under the poster of Betty Grable
                   D         A
Nothing escapes the notice of Huey
            E    A
King of the Cat Cafe

A - D A - E A -