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15-Sep-14 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Chiapanecas (trad. Mexico)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Chiapanecas (trad. Mexico)
I've heard the same Peter Pan LP in which the name is mispronounced with a tilde over the N. My father recorded it onto cassette for the kids to listen to in the car; I didn't like that song and would always ask my mother to fast-forward past what my child-brain spelled as "Chopinyakus" (note the sound of that erroneously placed tilde). When I was trying to look up the song years later after hearing it on a ballpark organ, my adult brain remembered the recording and recommended that I spell the keyword as "ChapiƱecos"; I got nowhere with that (search engines weren't as good with close matching then) and had to put the request on an online forum, where someone helped me out. Funny how the same small things stick in lots of people's (or at least Mr. Cohen's and my) memories...

Now that I think of it, here's a YouTube audio recording with a picture of the Peter Pan album cover (which lists the song title as "Mexican Clap Hands"; maybe if the performers had seen the real title in print they would have known how to pronounce it): ("From the Party Time LP, Peter Pan Records #8230 released in 1979. This album [originally on Rocking Horse in the early 1960's] compiles many of the Peter Pan 78's from the 1950's into LP form.")