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Thread Name: Origins: Chiapanecas (trad. Mexico)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Chiapanecas (trad. Mexico)
Translated from the Spanish-language Wikipedia (

"Las Chiapanecas" is a traditional melody from Chiapas, almost a second anthem of that [orig. "this"] state. It was originally only a melody, composed by the musician Bulmaro López Fernández (1878-1960) from Chiapa de Corzo. Born in the city of Chiapa de Corzo, he was inspired by [lit. "in"] the typical attire of Chiapan women [lit. "the Chiapan woman"], which his fiancée wore [lit. "used"]. The original score of the musical composition is in the control of his widow, Ms. Juana María Vargas.

Afterward, the musician, composer, and conductor Juan Arozamena (1899-1926), born in Mexico City, performed [lit. "would (conditional) perform"; same for paragraph's remaining verbs here rendered in past tense] it and added to it the text, known by all, that even Nat King Cole performed.

There exists controversy about the authorship of this melody, but the most probable [account] is that Mr. Bulmaro López Fernández composed the melody and that Mr. Juan Arozamena later added the text. Without the inspiration from both distinguished musicians, the work would not be complete [or "would not be completed"; both translations are grammatically possible].

With the passage of time [there] was added choreography [orig. "the choreography"], which is danced while wearing [lit. "using"/"with"] the attire, native to Chiapa de Corzo, of the Chiapan woman. It [antecedent unspecified in original] is emblematic and representative of Chiapas.

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