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Posted By: Ebbie
18-Sep-14 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anybody watching 'The Roosevelts' on PBS
Subject: RE: BS: Anybody watching 'The Roosevelts' on PBS
The Amish traditionally don't vote but that doesn't mean they don't form opinions. Being opinionated Amish, but with no access to radio or film, my parents were as misinformed as any of them. I remember my mother hinting darkly about the President's whispered-about scandalous disease that brought on his paralysis- until last night's episode I wasn't sure it was syphilis that was being hinted although I had a pretty good idea.

My father never worked at any of the President's projects; Dad was a farmer and dairy man. I never heard them discuss the value of the President's work-providing programs. I suspect that they were just as bad in my parents' opinion as communism and socialism would have been.

Oh yes- and Eleanor Roosevelt... She was dangerous beyond belief.

Ignorance. The bane of the world.