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Posted By: Don Firth
18-Sep-14 - 05:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anybody watching 'The Roosevelts' on PBS
Subject: RE: BS: Anybody watching 'The Roosevelts' on PBS
Not necessarily your parents, Ebbie, as they were coming from another viewpoint, but the usual suspects—the same types who are hell-bent on slamming President Obama, no matter how big a lie they have to tell—were really out in force when it came to FDR. He was a Bolshevik (Commmunist), of course, until it became clear how dangerous Hitler was, then they called him a Fascist. And like Obama's being born in Kenya, Indonesia, or on Mars, and a Muslim to boot, FDR and all the Roosevelts were part of the International Jewish Conspiracy. After all, their name was really "Rosenfelt!"

I'm not too sure how being Jewish was going to be consistent with his plans to turn America into a Nazi country, but the ginks had it all worked out.

The Roosevelts (Americanized from Rosenvelts) were originally from Holland, and were among the earliest to settle in the Dutch colonial settlement of New Amsterdam, in what would later become New York City. They owned a big patch of farmland in what later became known as downtown Manhattan (include several acres that includes the site of the Empire State Building). Not a bad little investment! That was the main source of their enormous wealth.

Along with their strong ethical principle that privilege demands responsibility (noblesse oblige), how can you bribe a man who already has more money than he can possibly spend in a dozen lifetimes?

Be it noted that, along all the things the New Deal accomplished to put people back to work and end the Great Depression, FDR instituted Social Security. He didn't believe that people who had worked hard all their lives should have to spend their old age in poverty or living in "poor houses."

The Social Security program is currently very much under Right-wing attack.

The Philistines (like Ronald Reagan and others) are still trying to undo FDR's accomplishments that really made—and after about eighty-some years, are continuing to make—a big difference in people's lives.

('Scuse my rant…..)

Don Firth