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Posted By: Greg F.
21-Sep-14 - 03:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anybody watching 'The Roosevelts' on PBS
Subject: RE: BS: Anybody watching 'The Roosevelts' on PBS
For the last few years there have been political elements that have tried to wipe out the Roosevelts' achievements

Actually, the Republicans have been campaigning against FDR and trying to wipe out the New Deal since the day Roosevelt died. They're just having more success starting with the Reagan administration.

I consider the assertion that Roosevelt sent a destroyer, at great taxpayer expense, to the Aleutian Islands to retrieve his dog, which he had carelessly left behind, Foxworthy.

Difference being that most folks at the time didn't believe the bullshit, especially once proven to be untrue. Today millions actually BELIEVE the FOX-ian bullshit despite conclusive evidence to the contrary.

We've raised up a nation of morons.