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Posted By: Dave Rado
22-Sep-14 - 12:18 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Lovely Joan
Subject: RE: Origins: Lovely Joan
Many thanks for all the replies. Re. Maeve's post, I admit I misread the post you quoted from and didn't notice the bit about pooks being transplanted - but SteveT seems to have found evidence for a Somerset connection anyway. Re. Steve Gardham's post, do you have more detail on the earliest 19th century version you have? Before I saw your post I thought the earliest known written version was the 1906 one.

Re. the Vaughan Williams Greensleeves fantasia, although it has helped to keep the tune alive, it seems to have led to most people knowing it only as a tune rather than as a song, which I think is a shame, because it's a delightful song. I've never heard it sung in any folk club (but I'm about to put that right by learning it and singing it myself).

I think the nicest version of the song that I've heard is by Folkal Point, on youtube - and there's another weird thing - how did such a wonderful folk group as they were only manage to release one album in 1972 before disbanding? Apparently they're about to release their second album , after more than 40 years!