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Posted By: Mr Red
24-Sep-14 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Modern design!!! Replacing replacables!!
Subject: BS: Modern design!!! Replacing replacables!!
Japanese car - should be the epitome of ergonomics. (Made in France so all bets are off)

Rear stop light on a carrier that cannot be seen directly, once removed it will slip out of your fingers. Falls into the structure that is impossible to find until you remove all the plastic wall covering and disassemble the connector (not necessary but - now it tells me!). When you do that, at least it gives you a good enough view to see how to replace it.

Front headlight held in with a clip, the catch on the clip is at the top in a short tube and with your head into the engine bay and even with perfect focus (reading specs with clip-on magnifiers) the mechanism is still hidden by the parallax effect. So out comes the wifi camera and mobile phone to view it through. (doesn't everyone have such a pair?) Too dark? macro setting? take a photo? process in Photshop - Aha!. OK I think I have the measure - but how to work the screwdriver blind, or hold the camera at the same time? (Phone strapped on wrist reduces number of hands needed).

And then it all has to go back in. Another day gone!

The other headlight has a box in the way - after the battery comes out. Radio code anyone?

If I wasn't an engineer, how would I manage?

Is it just me? but I am amazed (make that annoyed) by the lack of thought given to design these days.