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Posted By: Mo the caller
30-Sep-14 - 06:58 AM
Thread Name: Guest Nights on the way out
Subject: RE: Guest Nights on the way out
Or maybe just the opposite of obsession with celebrity. The enjoyment of participating.
We enjoy going to 'not a singaround' sessions, mixed song & tunes. I assume that means people jump in whenever they mood takes them - perhaps one tune / song reminds of another. There is a snag with this format if someone hogs the session, while another needs a breathing space after one tune is finished to make sure the one they want to play is firmly in mind. But a few sensitive people who notice that x is getting ready to play or y hasn't sung yet, and points this out can help. Round the room can be intimidating if you are watching your turn getting nearer when you'd rather be joining in or listening. But I know some people find 'jump in' session nerve racking too.