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Posted By: Betsy
01-Oct-14 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: Guest Nights on the way out
Subject: RE: Guest Nights on the way out
Great thread and I keep agreeing with Bonnie
It REALLY isn't easy trying to be a full time singer.
I was talking to "someone" who has a small group.
You'll all know him /them but let me try to be confidential.
I met him at Ron Angel's funeral om Monday.
He was telling me he was knackered after travelling up to Edinburgh on Saturday night with the group (digs required), then needing to be at Bognor Regis for an afternoon gig on Sunday - then home again to the North East of Endland to drop of the Band.
Believe me - these people are working their bollocks off , as are a few others - it's a hard life no ifs / buts.
Some of these "Agents" don't appear to have a clue about geography, coupled with the need for performers to keep working.
There are lots of other people reaching a strange age - some buy open-top sports cars , some re-live their youth buying Harleys or other bikes - but we're stuck with 3 chord merchants who have just acquired their Taylor, Lowden, Martin, or other. THAY WANT TO PLAY and I undertand THAT - but they're not going to come along when a Guest is on and they can't havea play.
It must be a nightmare for Organisers.
Padgett knows the score and should be a source of guidance in this matter