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Posted By: Bill D
03-Oct-14 - 12:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone defend US gun law?
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone defend US gun law?
Musket & MGM & Rahere... you do fine at **describing** a situation, but remarks about a "can do country" and "new car sales" are rhetorical evasions which do nothing to address pragmatic solutions.

"No way of going back to ▢ยท1, and trying redrafting the whole shebang from top to bottom ...?"

Of course there is. And that 'way' is up a steep mountain road with land mines and snipers who have papers allowing them to be there!

All we have to do is go through this process. Very clear & *cough-cough* simple.

"Dunblane was NOT simply a referendum, Bill, simply communal expression led by the Press that enough was enough, forcing MPs to act"

But the MPs' action, once done was binding upon the country at large! We do not have a way for "communal expression" to be directly leveraged on the Congress as a whole! Why? Read the link above. We have a huge amount of communal expression happening, but it is like... ummmm... people sitting on a series of islands with sharks between them, yelling about better swimming rules. (best metaphor I could do with this damn cold I have.)

**IF** we had a Supreme Court with a good, Liberal majority, we could possibly challenge various state & local interpretations of the 2nd Amendment.

One more metaphor... the UK is like a moderate sized sailboat which can tack with the winds. The US is a 2000 ft long ocean liner going at 25 knots with a stubborn crew... sticking long oars out the portholes is not exactly gonna change its course easily. Muddy? Read again the link above.........