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Posted By: GUEST,Alan Griffiths
03-Oct-14 - 04:13 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Pull Down Below (chantey)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Pull Down Below (chantey)
"Moke" in Hawaiian culture[edit]
Many people in Hawaii compare the Moke to the southern "redneck" in terms of personality. Much like a "redneck", the word Moke can be used as both a pejorative term and a term of pride[citation needed]. Also much like a redneck, mokes may stereotypically carry an affinity for pickup trucks, pitbulls, and are construed as uneducated. Mokes also have similar stereotypes to the Mexican-American "cholo", in mannerisms and appearance.
The common stereotype of a Moke is a local male of Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander descent, who speaks a form of English known as "pidgin", wears tank-top t-shirts, or no shirt, boardshorts, and cheap rubber sandals (also known as the "rubba slippa"). The term also suggests a person who is needlessly aggressive in dealing with others—particularly when the "others" are Caucasians ("haoles") -- and who views violence as the first and best way to get anything he wants or in response to any perceived slight.

Moke is a derogatory term. In the context of shanty's it seems, to me, more likely to be of Hawaiian origin. As sailors were not too picky about being PC it could be they used the term for anyone who wasn't caucasian. Moke is also a male name in the south seas,

Further to that Na Mokulua - or the Mokes - are two islets off the windward coast of O'ahu in the Hawaiian Islands.. Mokulua means "two islands",