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Posted By: Suffet
01-Jan-01 - 01:15 PM
Thread Name: Origins: How many versions of Geordie
Subject: RE: How many versions of Geordie
OK, Malcolm, don't add one more version to the tally!

In any case, "Geordie" shows how enduring are double standards in the criminal justice system. Poaching the King's royal deer was quite obviously a capital offense, but what about the final purchasers of the ill gotten venison. I understand there was a ready market for such meat, but it was only the poor shnook of a poacher who got his neck stretched, not the nobilty who feasted on the stolen deer.

Geordie was at least lucky enough to be born to the King's royal breed -- a cousin who has fallen on hard times no doubt -- for he faced a relatively quick death. The execution of a commoner, by comparison, would be a long and torturous affair.

--- Steve