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Posted By: Joe Offer
13-Oct-14 - 02:17 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Where Are You (Tonight I Wonder)
Subject: ADD: Where Are You (Tonight I Wonder) (Stewart)
The lyrics posted above are a pretty good transcription of the Karan Casey recording, but a bit far from those on the Andy M. Stewart recording. Here's what I hear:

(Andy M. Stewart)

Where are you tonight I wonder?
And where will you be tonight when I cry?
Will sleep for you come easy, though I alone can't slumber?
Will you welcome in the morning at another man's side?

How easy for you the years slipped under
And left me a shadow the sun can't dispel;
I built for you a tower of love and admiration,
I set you so high I could not reach myself.

I look through my window at a world filled with strangers,
The face in my mirror is the one face I know;
You have taken all that's in me, so my heart is in no danger
My heart is in no danger, but I'd still like to know.

If there is a silence that can't be broken,
If there be a pure heart, to her I will go;
And time will work its healing and the spirit will grow stronger,
But in the meantime I'd still like to know.

from the Dublin Lady album

Any corrections?