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Posted By: T in Oklahoma (Okiemockbird)
01-Jan-01 - 07:13 PM
Thread Name: Copyright thugs
Subject: RE: Copyright thugs
If the first sale doctrine is not universal, then it's high time it became so.

The "only" things that copyright restricts seem to becoming increasingly numerous, and the duration of the privileges has increased also, beyond all reason. For further examples of high-handed use of coprights, click here.

So far as I know the rights performers have as performers are not copyright privileges, but "neighboring rights" where they exist. It's true that in the U.S. they are included in Title 17, but they aren't copyright privileges but a sort of add-on. Performers have copyright privileges only where they also happen to be authors.

The only legitimate question to be raised about Amazon's resale of used books is whether the "used" books have in fact been legally acquired and are in fact "used" books which have already been bought in the primary market. As long as Amazon's "used" books are in fact lawful used books, then I will continue to view request of the so-called "authors guild" as an attack on human freedom. When those who claim to speak for authors begin to call loudly, clearly, and persistently for a shorter term of copyright and other reforms in favor of the public, then I will consider taking a less hostile view of the so-called "authors's guild's" request.