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Posted By: Sorcha
01-Jan-01 - 07:26 PM
Thread Name: query: rose, rose, rose
Subject: LYR ADD: rose, rose, rose
I was wrong, Kate does not know anymore, but I found this:


(can also be sung as a round)
Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose
Will I ever see thee wed?
I will marry at thy will, Sire
At they will

Ding, dong, ding, dong
Wedding bells on an April morn
Carve your name on a moss covered stone
On a moss covered stone

Little bird
Fly away High up on a mountaintop
On this sad day


And this:


America, America,
Let us tell you how we feel.
You have given us your riches,
We love you still.


Love, love, love, love,

The gospel of the world is love.

Love thy neighbor as thy brother,

Love, love, love.


Friends, friends, friends, friends,

Friends that make the world go round.

Old friends, new friends, all are true friends,

Friends, friends, friends

Which are obviously new verses, from:,america,love,%20friend_.html