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Posted By: Fergie
21-Oct-14 - 10:57 AM
Thread Name: Amsterdam comes to the Góilín
Subject: RE: Amsterdam comes to the Góilín
Keep going Rumncoke

Verse 4
Well we took our punishment like real men
And Jane she hit us again and again
She had stripped down to a leather chamois
O'Dwyer was screaming for his mammy
She tore into myself and the Scut
We were bruised and we were badly cut
Poor Dinny was lying by the door
He said he couldn't take no more
So we grabbed our clothes and we ran
Wham bam thank you Ma'am, in Amsterdam

Verse 5

So we ran into a little café
For a cup of black coffee wouldn't go astray
And we ordered up a tray of buns
A black forest gateau and a dozen scones
Well ?? upon my soul
We were in the horrors we'd lost control
Whatever it was it was worse than the beer
So I asked the man is the food here sort of queer
He said they're hash cakes, God damn
We were stoned out of our brains in Amsterdam