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Posted By: Fergie
21-Oct-14 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: Amsterdam comes to the Góilín
Subject: RE: Amsterdam comes to the Góilín
Gerry wouldn't be adverse to using the word whore in the Góilín, but some might object to the word as not being PC, so he stuck in "so-n-so" for comic effect because everybody is expecting him to say whore.

Verse 6

So next we went off window shopping
Down the red light district and our eyes were popping
When smack in the middle of our little tour
Out of this doorway came this - sleazy little so-n-so'
Hey Paddy just you step in here
There's lots of ladies and there's loads of beer
So we took his word and we all crawled in
To a club that was called the Original Sin
Oh, there's hardly a stitch on your one
Oh god between us and all harm in Amsterdam.