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Posted By: GUEST,CS
11-Nov-14 - 01:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Vegan mudcatters
Subject: RE: BS: Vegan mudcatters
"Any suggestions for bringing down the cholesterol a few points? My test came back a little high - not needing medication, but I need to address the levels. A "low fat" diet is so unappealing - healthy fat with good foods is what I will try. Is there any evidence that vegetarians have better cholesterol levels?"

So far as a dietary response to elevated cholesterol is concerned, people on a vegan diet that excludes animal foods (I don't know about vegetarians, because they eat eggs, milk, cream, butter and cheese all of which have plenty of cholesterol in them) ingest no cholesterol at all.

All dietary cholesterol comes from animal foods. There is no cholesterol in any plant food. So you could think about which ways you can switch from animal rich products - especially fats - to plant based ones. Apart from fat-free dairy (I don't think that stuff is cholesterol heavy), I believe that pretty much any such switch will mean eliminating a dietary source of cholesterol.

I'll see what studies I can find to answer your question in better detail, there are bound to be some out there.