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Posted By: LadyJean
22-Nov-14 - 09:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nov 22: Anniversary of Kennedy Killing
Subject: RE: BS: Nov 22: Anniversary of Kennedy Killing
I was going to a private girl's school with an alma mater that began, "In thy pillared portals" So the main entrance had to have pillars. I was outside those pillars. It was a Friday afternoon, and school let out early. Tghe carpool mother for the day pulled up. I don't remember who she was, but I'll always remember that she got out of the car and asked her daughter, "Guess what?" The daughter answered "What?" The mother said, "The president's been shot". I thought she was joking.   All the way home we told each other that he was young and strong and he'd get better.
Mother told us what last rites were.
My sister's birthday is November 25. She often got it off from school, because of Thanksgiving. But never before or since on a Monday. Grandma and Grandaddy came early that day, so we could watch the funeral together. Odd to think, Grandma could remember McKinley's funeral, and Harding's, and Roosevelt's. (Note: McKinley was killed by an anarchist named Leon Cszogloz. Harding and Roosevelt died of natural causes.) Cszogloz, whose name I probably misspelled, acted alone, as did Charles Guiteau who shot James Garfield. I expect Oswald worked alone.