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Posted By: catspaw49
03-Jan-01 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Airline Nightmare.
Subject: RE: BS: Airline Nightmare.
Anyone who flies a lot needs to buy memberships in the private airline clubs. It beats the hell out of sitting around anywhere else! You also get to run into a few of the rich and famous. After our wedding, we took Karen's grandparents to Hartsfield for the flight home. We actually had 5 people we were taking so we arrived in time for the first one's flight and then sat around the Delta Crown Room having breakfast rolls and such while we waited.

Lo and behold, escorted by some Delta employees, in comes George Burns. Nell (Karen's grandmother) was VERY excited and said to Karen, "I feel just like a teenager wanting to swoon over a movie star!" I went over and asked a Delta hostess if she'd ask him if Nell could get a picture. The old poop was gracious to a fault and let us take a picture with Nell and gave her a kiss! As we were going to their plane, Nell turned to Karen and said, "That made my entire weekend!!"

So much for our wedding.......................

BTW, the funniest "delay" I ever had was on a flight frrom Tampa to Atlanta. Hartsfield is very busy but always efficient......but not this day. I don't know what the problem was exactly, but the weather was bad all over the east coast which fouls up airports everywhere else. In any case, we flew the pattern over and over and over and over..........Finally, the pilot announces that we have reached the fuel minimum and had to divert to a secondary. Not a first by any means, I'd had it happen a few times before, but it was a surprise when, because of weather problems, we ended up flying BACK to Tampa! I walked back into the Crown Room there where earlier I'd been flirting with a hostess, who was surprised to see me (not delighted, just surprised) and told her I just couldn't stay away