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Posted By: Martin Graebe
29-Nov-14 - 06:06 AM
Thread Name: Folk Magazines offered (UK)
Subject: Folk Magazines offered
Faced with the prospect of moving house next month, I have a number of folk magazines that I don't want to take with me. These include:

Sing-Out Magazine 1992 – 1996 (Vol 37 1992/93 to Vol 42 1997/98) – missing Vol 39, Nos 3 and 4 and Vol 40, No 1

Southern Rag No 21, July 84 to FRoots No 186, December 1998 (not as many as it looks – they added 100 to the serial number). Plus SR No 9 and No 13.

Living Tradition - Odd numbers: Issue 1, Oct 19932,3,4, 10, 20, 26.
Then a run from Nos 28 to 103, missing only No 94.

I would prefer not to put them in the recycling, so they are free to anyone who can collect them from Gloucester (UK, not Mass!) in the next two weeks.

If you are interested, please get in touch with me using the contact details on