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Posted By: GUEST,Rahere
04-Dec-14 - 01:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: I am not an historian but........
Subject: RE: BS: I am not an historian but........
First I have to put a marker down. I research in History around the Warburg Institute: you'll find me in this class tomorrow, which is probably the world's most advanced class in the subject. The Warburg Institute is amongst other things one of the leading Schools in the history of philosophy, which is what that class is about, the origins of the History of Science. I'm sufficient of a scientist to be the reference for identifying what an unlabeled technique does.

Secondly, Keith really must name names: I suspect I'm one of his targets for daring to try to get this world to grow up and move on from the last vestiges of feudalism, which started to be chucked out then the Mysteries became the Guilds a mere 600 years ago but which still clings on in the belief that all you have to be is a politician with no practical experience of the real world to allow you to tell everybody else they need to be patriotic, and that patriotism means "supporting me". Vote in 6 months' time - is there a Monster Raving Loony candidate around here? Probably the most honest on the list.