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Posted By: GUEST,Troubadour
05-Dec-14 - 07:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: I am not an historian but........
Subject: RE: BS: I am not an historian but........
"No rational answer then Musket or Greg.
Ragere, I was not thinking of you but would value your opinion of people who reject the findings of all (maybe not all but none found so far) living historians and cling to the views that the historians have debunked?"

So, in 2069, a bunch of scientists, who weren't yet born in 1969, can discard the experiences of Armstrong and Aldrin, of Collins in the orbiter and of the whole team of scientists in Houston, and reinterpret these events in the way that is politically expedient at the time.

And Keith A, if he were still alive, would believe them without reservation, because all those who knew the true story are dead and can be ignored.

That kind of thinking borders on insanity.