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Posted By: GUEST,Rahere
08-Dec-14 - 07:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Disability legislation
Subject: RE: BS: Disability legislation
I am outraged, because commitments which were made have been whittled away by the vicky Pollards. When I was little, it was prams, and they could not go on buses - and some of the bigger pushchairs nowadays are, frankly, prams. Then, the Maclaren lightweight design of buggy came in, and it became practical to use pushchairs when travelling by bus. But every time, they had to be folded.
The campaign of the disabled in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in a European Directive to allow equal transport rights, which meant the progressive removal of step-accessed buses like the old Routemaster. However, no sooner have we seen these introduced than they get commandeered by lazy little tarts. I am angry to the point of wanting to invert the balance and ask for pushchairs to be banned from buses - and see how they like that. The reason for this is that so many pushchairs are on buses that it is, in my observation, quite unusual for a wheelchair to be able to access the bus without someone either having to fold the buggy (horrors!) or make way.
A person who is wheelchair bound usuablly has secondary health problems resulting from it, and exposure to the rain and cold of winter is more than averagely likely to lead to a serious degradation of their health. A kid, by comparison, can usually stay wrapped, and many times we see the buggy used as a shopping trolley with the kid out taking up a seat, forcing an adult to stand - and that's against the byelaws too.
The change to bus design has, therefore, been undone by an incompetent lawyer and a High Court of Miracles. Te Directive to provide equal transport rights has been flouted. I think I have poportion and that proportion means I'm disgusted with my Nation's own judiciary. They are supposed to know the Law and apply it, and they have not. Wankers in wigs.