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08-Dec-14 - 07:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Disability legislation
Subject: RE: BS: Disability legislation
The problem when requesting equality, for some, is that they get equality and then complain. People pay fairs and get no seat because they did not get on the bus lower down the route have to stand. They still pay full fare but get no seat. If that is a woman with a toddler, surelybthe toddler is safer in its chair than being held by the parent who has to stand. So if a pushchair gets a sacd first is it thir fault? Noone is trying to ban wheelchairs. Why ban pushchairs? And why discriminate against parents in place of disabled? I find discrimination bad on any minority or majority. It could be argued that many able bodied folk are discriminated against for not getting a seat they pay for.

Tolerance and understanding is getting less and its worse when one minority singles out another as having more rights.

I would hate being in a wheelchair, dependent on others kindness, but if I had tonbe treated equally as others then I have to accept that. First come first served does not allow me to demand a seat or space