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10-Dec-14 - 06:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
Subject: RE: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
No we didn't...
More to the point, if the torture was a quation of individual initiative/excess of zeal/homicidal mania and nobody in command outside of the CIA was reasponsible, even then the question arises why nobody in the US is doing anything about it.
Because the most crying justification for every extremist one might dread is the "Oh, is that it? Knew it all the time. Next." coming from Capitol Hill.   It's as if the US is not responsible or accountable to anyone - but as it is a War Crime and the US has recognised the fact, even if it has not ssigned up to the ICJ, from what is coming out of the UN it may be referred there anyway, and if it is, then it will either have to recognise the Court or absent itself and find itself sent down by default in absentia.
The ICJ tends to take the viewpoint that it's only criminals who have an interest in disrespecting it. The same is effectively true of the Republicans for absenting themselves from the enquiry. So, if you're on the pitch but not in the game, you'll be taken out. Or in real-world terms, I thnks we may have just seen the end of the US as a Superpower.
The UK tends to dispose of its problems "with extreme prejudice", cf David Kelly, also a section head of the NAO some ten years back and one or two others. Which is better, I don't know, but to imagine that we have moved on from Tudors days is a fiction of the imagination.
All you have to do is recast the CIA as the Inquisition and you're right back into the same domain of a fanatically-inspired bunch of sadistic murderers, not easily distinguishable from their opponents. Roll in the mud, get dirt in your knicker, they say, but even so...