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Posted By: Donuel
10-Dec-14 - 09:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
Subject: RE: BS: CIA SHIT torturers

These factors may be called S.H.I.T. for short

The combination and degree of these S. H. I. T. factors in our Supreme Court appointed President all added up to decisions from a desperate and an inferiority laden mind to revenge, to make suffer and ultimately, to torture.

If you educate yourself to the most common modes of the latest forms of CIA torture, they overwhelmingly involve shit and rectal fixations;
Covering with shit, diapered with shit, cells full of shit with no bucket, rectal feeding and shitting back undigested food , even the ever popular eating of shit all expose the personal repugnant feelings regarding shit by the CIA psychologists who invented this 'stuff' and the leader who approved of it.

Relative to lethal Nazi torture techniques the American methods tend to stress cruelty over death as their goal.

If you look at the people who devised and advised modern AMERICAN TORTURERS and the fearful leader who requested it, you too may conclude that while the procedures where full of shit the decision to do so was severely lacking in Sophistication, Hubris, Intelligence and Thought.

Every torture devised, betrays the mindset of those who ordered and carried out their wishes. It sure the hell did not come from God. Actually, biblical descriptions of torture are far more bloody and "cutting edge".