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Posted By: GUEST,John P
10-Dec-14 - 09:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
Subject: RE: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
Why so many of us in America don't trust our government:

The Catholic Church conducts a wide-spread conspiracy to commit child rape and isn't investigated.

The CIA places illegal wiretaps on Congress and no one is indicted.

The CIA, condoned by very high-ranking officials, conducts illegal torture and no one is indicted.

The NSA conducts billions of illegal wiretaps and no one is indicted.

The President of the United States tells outright lies in order to justify invading another country and kill tens of thousand of people and is still walking around free.

The list goes on and on.

I voted for Obama and, given the nature of any Republican, would do so again. But his administration has failed to demand that our government act within the law and within common decency. It has failed to make any individual take responsibility for wildly illegal and unconstitutional actions. This makes it a failed presidency in my book. Anyone with the right kind of power can apparently get away with anything.