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Posted By: Donuel
10-Dec-14 - 11:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
Subject: CIA torturers WHO KNEW ?
I knew. You knew. We all knew.

On a cold April day Frau Dieseldorf decided not to hang the laundry out to dry. In the bucket the clothes pins floated in cold rain water with a layer of grime on top. Most of all there was a putrid smell of burning meat in the air. It was better than before when the smell of hair was unbearable but that had been gone since winter.

Just like us the German people knew. Like us they did not know all the names and addresses but there were plenty of people who spoke their conscience of what they saw as well as those who bragged.

As long as it didn't spoil the sheets or foul up our commute we did nothing about it.

The torture belongs to you as much as me. I didn't know or I was just following orders doesn't wash. It won't wash away the stain on your hands. It is on you as much as it is on me.

Just like any bigotry even if you don't act out an act of hate you at least took advantage of white privilege without a thought to those who have no such privilege.

Like it or not, defend it or not, it is your torture no matter how removed you insist you are. It is in your nations name,. It is in your name.

With the release of the 6 million page report all that has changed is the who, how you and why you deserve to be treated in kind without care or concern from your torturer. Or perhaps you have no soul.