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Posted By: Ed T
10-Dec-14 - 02:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
Subject: RE: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
"Torture and other forms of abusive or coercive techniques often serve to strengthen an individual's resolve to resist, deepen his commitment to a cause, serve as a foundational theme for recruiting campaigns designed to attract others to violent extremism, and generate a lingering division among allies and international partners," wrote the signatories of today'sstatement. "In sum, it not only undermines an interrogator's ability to elicit useful information, it also undermines our nation's ability to counter threats to its security. Torture makes our nation less secure."
Source- News release from seventeen of US of As most respected interrogation and intelligence professionals -Oct. 1, 2014:

Intelligence Professionals Take Stand against Torture