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11-Dec-14 - 12:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
Subject: RE: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
the American learned thr water boarding from the uk. the british perfected these techniques for the "special treatment" they gave a number of irish they thought on bad info, were ira. none were but most were destroyed for life. the great anglo empire goes on. they torture folks. face facts. they pretend to have moral high ground for internal political reasons, just like putin, but the wolr d knows they both torture.

the british used wide spread torture in Kenya, and in basra to a lesser extent more recently. and of course all over Africa and he new world. they introduced scalping, and did ethnic cleansing in the new world. oh yeah the quarter million irish taken as slaves and sold to carribean plantations.   

face it the americans and the british are part of the military capitalist , permant warfare state,(they call it laissez faire capitalism or free enterprize) that means torture and genocide if convient.
American and british voters have to stop voting for the jingoist parties who wave the flag if they want it to stop.   that probably means the green party in the us, unless the democrats change. and the peace and freedom party in the uk.   however the anglo saxon extreme nationalism makes this unlikely.

I think Obama would have done more without the extreme obstructionist congress, but the real problem is American flag waving stupid nationalists who just voted republican, thinking that will change something. they voted for the party that made the deficit mess and the Iraq and torture mess, with no memory at all.

of course, the cia still fans the war fare option. schuer was on television saying the problem is Obama won't use the military to solve problems, with no apparent awareness of the irony that without the invasion of Iraq there would be no isis and many fewer problems and a few trillion dollars less debt.

yaeh a lot of them should be prosecuted, but so should a lot of british torturers. and as john p says a lot of catholics(hopefully William lynn will lose his appeal) and a lot of people who tortured native children in residential schools. but the evil ones are in power and they know how to keep that power.